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hello! I’M CAT!

I’m a Brand Designer
& Website Creator

Visual Designer and all-round business cheerleader! I have a passion for websites, typography, white space and beautiful designs! My studio, Mint Design Collective is a bespoke design studio that loves working with female business owners to achieve their unique design visions.

I love clean modern designs that utilise gorgeous colour palettes – whether it’s feminine muted colours or pops of vibrant colour and stunning typography to create your unique business fingerprint.


How can I help

I have helped female entrepreneurs create their authentic brand with strategic, unique branding and website designs that reflect their unique and individual businesses and personalities.

Strategic, authentic & intentional branding &
website design

Designs that attract and connect with your ideal client.

  • Do you want to be proud of your business aesthetic?
  • Do you have a DIY logo?
  • Do you have no logo at all?
  • Are you completely lost with what style of visuals and branding will resonate with your ideal client?
  • Heck! Do you even know who your ideal client is?

What is holding you back?
You want to start making connections, right?

Waiting around is going to put you behind. It’s going to cost your time & money.
The online world waits for nobody….so lets get to it!

I don’t do pushy sales…in fact I loathe pushy sales BUT I do know the importance of on-point branding and easy to use, aesthetically pleasing websites. Think about that last time you visitsed a website that was clunky, hard to use, not very nice to look at…I would bet you didn’t stay surfing that website for long!

What about that small business you saw on instagram recently…you know the one that has that generic logo that you have seen so many other businesses with….what was their name? I am guessing, you don’t really remember…because it didn’t make an impact.

This is where authentic and strategic branding can allow your business to stand apart from the rest and clearly etch your business into the minds of your target audience!

Everyone loves

Kind Words

Catherine has been nothing short of amazing! She is incredibly kind and does such a fantastic job. I was in need of a website revamp to better target my niche. Catherine took all my stresses away and she nailed the design. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

~ Brooke F.

Catherine is an amazing designer, and person. Couldnt recommend her highly enough for anyone to use for their business needs or personal needs. Very high standard of work and couldnt be happier with everything she has done for me!!

~ Rebekah H.

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