Self Care Studio – Branding

Barbara from Self Care Studio had a very clear vision for her business and branding. Barbara wanted welcoming and warm colours and an easily identifiable image for her business. 

If you look closely you will see the image for the logo has been created using the initials S C S (Self Care Studio) overlaid to create a pattern that looks similar to hands holding hearts. I love that we were able to create a unique identified for Self Care Studio utilising text elements from the business name.

Grove Scaff – Branding

Grove Scaff is an established and successful scaffolding business in S.A. that needed a facelift of it’s branding and logo to be more modern in today’s market.

The business provides scaffolding equipment to building and constructions sites across SA. Whilst this is not my usual design style I was excited to be involved in this project and it reflects the diversity of design styles Mint can assist with.

Mint utilised the GS to create a unique image for Grove Scaff’s logo that also reflects the industry they operate within. The colour palette was pre-established from previous branding and the Managing Director – Di – opted to retain these colours which had been utilised throughout the years her late father owned and operated the business.