design process

main design milestones


After you have decided I am the designer for you! I then send you a Design Brief for completion. This is where you get to take what your envisioning and put it down into the brief and also create a visual board to help!


Once I have your completed design brief, I then review all the information you have provided and complete a research stage. I then create a selection of mood boards for you to review. The mood boards reflect proposed styling, fonts and colour palettes for your new branding!


Once you have selected the mood board that resonates with you, I then start creating your brand concepts. These initially start out as sketches and then progress into digital concepts which are refined and sent to you for review. This part of the process is where you need to be patient. Creativity ebbs and flows and it’s always best to be working on your concepts when it’s flowing!


Once your logo have been finalised, I then get to work creating your Brand Style Guide. This guide will become your rbanding bible. It outlines fonts, colours and imagery that you should utilise within your branding elements to ensure brand consistency.


If you have selected a branding or website package, or added a few additional design elements to your logo design, this is where these items are then created.


Everything has been signed off by you and finalised. You will receive all your logo and additional design items via a Dropbox folder for easy access and download. This is also where your website is set to live!

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