The Kindred Grazer – Shopify

The Kindred Grazer needed a website that would allow them to streamline their bookings and orders to make the ordering experience easier for not only customers but also for The Kindred Grazers. It also needed to be visually appealing and reflect their boho natural brand theme for consistency.

The website also needed to be easy to use for customers to ensure there was no confusion when booking platters or picnic grazes.

Teaming – WordPress

Roanne felt her website need a complete overhaul to align with the direction of her business. Her original website was darker tones and Roanne felt a lighter and cleaner design would better suit her business goals.

With design inspiration, website copy and images from Roanne Mint created a light, clean modern, information filled new website. 

Love Olive Photography – Squarespace

The Love Olive Photography website was a labour of love by their owner. It was a DIY site which was well constructed and aesthetically looked good but it just needed a little bit of help to give it the clean, sleek and professional website that the owner was envisioning.

Mint Design worked with the existing layout already in place and created a clean website with lots of white space to showcase the amazing photography skills of Love Olive Photography.

Mint Design Collective – WordPress

Of course, the Mint Website will make an appearance on the portfolio. I wanted the Mint Website to be clean, neutral and soft but not necessarily feminine to appeal to my ideal client.

Clean, modern and easy to use is always my objective with website builds. As a consumer I love to use websites that are easy to navigate, easy to use and I can see all key information on arrival.